Ankersmid Ambient Air Cooler AAC

....Version AAC 15x/16x/ Series

ambient air cooler


Ambient coolers are designed to be used e.g. pre-cooler or for use in applications where the sample outlet dew point is not necessary to stable at a specific temperature (e.g. all electrical Ankersmid coolers are set to +4°C).



By lowering the temperature of the sample gasses, condensate liquid will be formed on the sides of the exchanger. Condense drops will be formed and descended to the bottom of the vessel.

This condensate liquid will be removed by an incorporated peristaltic pump in a housing is included to each
ACC cooler as standard. The unit is ventilated by a permanent operating electronic fan.

The cooling block with underneath mounted fan and heat
exchanger is installed on an aluminum mounting plate to be used as wall-mounting version.

Available for 230VAC and 115VAC power supply.


Download the product sheet .PDF