Automatic Liquid Drain ALD

__Version ALD010-ALD020


automatic liquid drain



The Ankersmid liquid drain ALD is used in gas conditioning systems where condensate must be drained after cooling the gas. Liquid drains remove liquid continuously and automatically without wasting air or gas. In addition to drainage of the system, liquid drains provide:

  • Trouble-free operation with minimal need for adjustment or maintenance
  • Reliable operation even in the presence of dirt, grit and oil
  • A long operating life time
  • Minimal air loss

Over pressure is required to operate the liquid drainage function.



The ALD 010 automatic liquid drain’s operation principle is gravity. The ALD’s casing, float, valve and valve-seat are made of stainless steel.

The outlet valve is controlled by a lever mechanism. The float closes the condensate outlet via the lever mechanism with the valve tip. Due to the rising condensate level the outlet is released by the buoyancy of the float.


The ALD 020 series separators with automatic condensate drain, offers an additional lateral gas connection.


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Ankersmid Condencate Vessel ACV

__Version ACV 0X0

condencate vessel



The Liquid collection vessel ACV 0X0 is specially designed for applications where automatic condensate removal is difficult.

When using a peristaltic pump for automatic condensate removal, a sudden surge of liquid can be hard to handle. In these cases the condensate collection vessel can be used as a reservoir or buffer vessel.

For safe operation, the overflow GL25/12 of the condensate vessel can be equipped with a liquid-level sensor and alarm.




The Ankersmid ACV liquid collection vessel ACV 010 is made of industrial quality glass. This ensures high corrosion resistance and the ability to see inside the vessel. A GL25-12 mm clamp connector is provided as condensate inlet.

The outlet valve is a PTFE stopcock, ensuring easy access and hermetic sealing. All contacting parts are made out of glass and PTFE.

A wall-mounting plate is supplied as part of standard delivery.

The liquid Alarm Sensor is optional, the electronic of the sensor sends an alarm to the control room or opens a valve (optional) to drain the liquid out.

condencate vessel 2


Download the product sheet .PDF