Ankersmid Control module ACM


digital system



The ACM Control module for 19”-rack mounting is a modular system used as compact all-in-one device to monitor and control all gas sampling and gas conditioning equipment such as sample probe, cooler, sample line, pump and flow of gas media.




The Ankersmid ACM Module has a Siemens Touch-screen PLC S7, panel filter type APF, moisture sensor ALA 002, calibration valves (zero/span) for calibration via cooler or probe, back-purge output, ultrasonic flow sensor and a gas pump integrated. Depending on the ACM version the gas pump can be flow-adjusted or static. A remote control for calibration and back-purge as well as MODBUS and USB-output and output alarm relays are implemented.

The gas flow is measured and monitored by an integrated ultrasonic flow sensor. High/low flow alarm levels can be set customized.
The versions ACM 110 and ACM 120 are including a flow-controlled gas pump. In combination with the integrated ultrasonic flow sensor the system is able to compensate a flow loss which may occur due to clogging filters or variable process flow conditions.

The PLC S7 is able to monitor and control a heated gas sample probe and furthermore to operate various back-purge procedures.
The integrated optical moisture sensor can detect any kind of liquid, conductive and non-conductive. The gas pump will be switched-off automatically in case of liquid inrush.

For all connected devices detailed spare part lists can be shown directly on the PLC display.


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