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NOX convertor



The NO2/NO converters series AOX are to be coupled with a NOx gas analyzer or NH3 gas analyzer for flue exhaust. It is converter using a special catalyst which efficiently converts NO2 in sample gas to NO.





In the high temperature combustion processes, the nitrogen contained in the air reacts with the oxygen producing oxides of nitrogen in the forms of monoxide (NO) and dioxide (NO2). The item NOx shows the total amount of the two components.

For provisions laid down by law and regulatory instructions in terms of environmental protection or for process needs, the monitoring of the NOx content in the air or in the waste gases flows is sometimes necessary.

The reference method of the NOx content definition in a gas mixture is based on the phenomenon of chemiluminescence’s that can be, however, only applied to the nitric oxide. The dioxide determination requires the preventive chemical reduction to NO. By carrying out detections of nitric oxide in the gas mixture before and after putting it under the dioxide reduction procedure, it is possible to understand the incidence of each component involved. The NO2/NO converter carries out the conversion of the nitrogen dioxide into monoxide through reaction inside the heating catalytic chamber.


It is inserted upstream the analysis instrument for NOx along the
flow line of the gas mixture examined.
The molybdenum catalyst and the temperature electronic regulation guarantee an efficiency of conversion at 98%, optimizing the performances and the duration of the cartridges of the catalytic material.
The item is composed of a stainless steel cylindrical chamber furnace heated by an electrical resistance that wraps it for all its length and is covered by a thick layer of thermal insulated material. Thanks to this, it is possible to get a stable temperature uniformly distributed and a low loss of heat.
Inside the furnace there is the molybdenum catalytic cartridge crossed by the flow of the gas mixture to be treated.
An electronic PID control thermo-regulator permits to set up and keep the temperature constant, detected through thermocouple with the most appropriate value.
On the thermo-regulator display the current temperature is visualized while luminous LED’s give indications on the functionality status.
There is also a contact in the exchange as alarm status cumulative signalling for low and high temperature. The values of the intervention thresholds can be independently set up on the thermo-regulator. An electro- valve allows the catalyst chamber bypass.


The converter is available with (AOX 2xx) or without bypass valve (AOX 1xx). For test purposes, with the bypass valve the catalyst can be bypassed via a valve.
The catalyst cartridge is filled and formatted ex works factory and is ready for use immediately.






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