Gas Sample Probe Series ASP

__Version ASP 1300, ASP 1400, ASP 1500

sample probe



The ASP gas sample probes are designed for continuous gas sampling in difficult processes with gases of high or low dust content, different temperatures and extreme humidity.
As the ASP is available in different lengths, it is suitable for applications with low to very high dust loads.

Depending on the acid dew point, the standard probe operates at 180°C or when necessary with a high temperature version at 320°C (f.e. Denox applications).




Due to its modular design and various options, the Ankersmid heated sample probe filters cover the widest range of applications. With a choice of different lengths of heated filter body, a filter element of 150mm length, suitable for most applications up to 1g dust/m3 can be integrated. 180mm filters with a larger filter surface are used for applications up to 4g dust/m3; with the blow- back function dust loads of up to 10g/m3 can be handled.

The 500mm model filter of the ASP 1500 has a capacity for dust up to 10g/m3. When this type is equipped with blow-back option, it handles up to 20g/m3. For even higher dust loads, a primary filter is positioned on top of the first filter.

A significant advantage is that all filters are replaceable without dismounting the probe without using any tools and in the shortest possible time. Cleaning and exchanging of unheated sample tubes or preliminary top-filters can be affected by extracting the filter from the probe.

The probe temperature is controlled by a microprocessor based PID-controller (optional with Modbus/RS485 communication). Alarm or fault contacts can be programmed and the temperature can be changed easily. The standard sensor is PT100, whereas a thermo-couple is standard for the high temperature version.

The following features are offered for all probes:
• Test gas can be injected directly into the probe according to EN14181 (regulation for calibration of emission monitoring systems) that enables calibration gas feeding via the filter element of the gas sample probe.
• Test gas can be injected into the probe through a check valve directly to the sample outlet so that no calibration gas is lost to the stack.
• An isolation valve with pneumatic control shuts off the sample outlet from the internal filter area in case of blow-back.
• Cleaning of filter and the sample tube through a high-flow inlet ports so less maintenance is necessary in high dust load applications. This inlet can be controlled by pneumatic or electric valves, and also in combination with a volume chamber for high pressure flow.


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