Gas Sample Tube AST and Pre-filter ATF

__Version ATF & AST

sample probe



These sample tubes are used in combination with the Ankersmid ASP probes in order to sample the gas in the optimal section of the gas-stream. For a typical installation of the probe-tip, a position in the middle third of the gas stream is advised.

For dust concentrations higher than 2g/m3, we advise fitting a pre-filter in combination with an extension tube.




Ankersmid sample tubes are selected according to specific applications. Influencing process parameter are the gas composition, water vapure saturation, dust loading, process temperature, pressure and the gas velocity.

Among the standard length (typically 1m) other lengths are available on request.
Sample tubes/extension tubes with volume displacers are available for applications with low sample gas flow to decrease the retention time.

For gas sampling downstream a wet scrubber with a high content of water the demistor tube ADT, equipped with an integrated demister for liquid drop collection, as available.
The connection thread enables an easy mounting to the gas sample probes.


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