Peristaltic Pump ASR


The Ankersmid ASR25 peristaltic pump is designed for continuous condensate removal in most gas coolers and condensate vessels, and is suitable for a wide range of analytical applications. The design ensures that condensate flow-back into the cooler is impossible. The pumps 0,25l/h capacity guarantees complete condensate removal, even at high dew points.



The ASR25 is a self-suction pump designed for continuous operation.
Driven by a synchronous motor a system of pulleys pushes the condensate through a special tube with a very long runtime. These pulleys are pressed by 4 springs on the peristaltic tube. A running speed of 5 rpm guarantees that the two PVDF hose pulleys and the Novoprene® hose provide good mechanical and
chemical resistance with a long life time. Changing the peristaltic tube is an easy procedure that only takes seconds.
• The pump can be installed inside the Ankersmid Compressor Cooler (ACC) and Ankersmid Peltier Cooler (APC).
• Also available in ABS housing (See ACP 010)
• The pump can be clicked on the Ankersmid Modular System with a special bracket, eliminating the need for drilling and screwing, and facilitating an easy adjustment in the gas conditioning set-up.


Download the product sheet .PDF